Greensteam Australia has the most experience of any contractor in the world providing non chemical weeding solutions. Currently in excess of 1000Km of footpath kerb lines & traffic calming infrastructure are managed by us. We have the knowledge skills and ability to adequately resource any project and pride ourselves on the second to none service that we constantly deliver to our clients!


Over the last 10 years while utilising the best steam weeding technology on the market, we have fine tuned our procedures and operations to provide viable solutions for local governments in regards to their weed management plans, which meet social economic and environmental objectives. We provide the best service possible and will not be beaten in this area.

Why Use Us

▪ Most experience of any contractor
▪ Fully compliant to laws and regulations
▪ The capability to take on large & small jobs
▪ Young vibrant energetic team
▪ Meet environmental and social goals
▪ Operations are safe for use in sensitive areas

Greensteam Australia

We are involved with all aspects of non chemical weed control and have vast experience in the industry. The main core of our business is weed control for local government, and the principle area of operation is in the Greater Perth metro area. Greensteam Australia was established in 2007 and is involved in all aspects of non chemical weed control. The company prides itself on being able to undertake a range of diverse projects, and its director Jonathan is hands on, providing valuable advice, experience and leadership. This in turn leads to excellent relationships with clients for being reliable, efficient and professional, whilst placing high emphasis on completing contracts within budget and on time. This approach has led to a high level of repeat business.

Our Clients Come First

Professionalism - 100%
Experience - 100%
Customer Service - 100%

What Our Clients Say

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Traditionally, we and our local government turn to poisonous herbicides when faced with a weed problem,

mainly because we may not be aware that there are safer and healthier alternatives, but more alarmingly we 

have been led to believe that these herbicides are safe for us to be exposed to. Ultimately we want to change

the way we view and control weeds in our Urban environment, and our business plan is very simple

– to provide a non chemical weeding solution that is second to none.